Christopher Feth is a multimedia performance artist who challenges traditional masculine and feminine stereotypes through theatrical self portraiture. Image making is central to his practice, but he finds a true calling in the spaces between visual, auditory, and performative art forms. Christopher’s work is an expression of his abstract style, and a testament to the fluidity that exists beyond the gender binary. A product of the digital age, this work builds upon existing philosophies about queer aesthetics through the use of bold, colorful designs and identity transformation.

Artist Statement

How we engage with life is a direct reflection of our soul. This entity is a presence within all of us that transcends physical reality. Time and space are merely perceptions; illusions, built by our specific bodies and analyzed through our particular minds in order to exist. The only thing that is tangible and real is the present moment, and our essence, our being, our soul within it.

Christopher’s work is an artifact of this boundless expanse, utilizing multiple mediums and performative actions to achieve a transcendent state of being. In this otherworldly space, perceptions of time are skewed, the intellectual mind is silent, and self-expression becomes the ultimate catalyst for supernatural experiences. Using his physical identity as a medium, Christopher embraces his love for photography, videography, songwriting, makeup artistry, and performance, ignoring rational control and giving in to intuitive impulse throughout the process. The resulting work serves as a performative document, while simultaneously illuminating the unique, etherial soul presence responsible for reality as we know it. We are all infinitely connected through this life-giving energy, each of us a perfectly distinct color on the vibrant spectrum of human existence. This work is a visceral reminder that amidst one of the most divisive and technically complex times in history, at our core, we are all the same.

Humanity creates limits and structures in an attempt to classify and understand our world. As a species, our ability to design and manufacture our reality can be both a strength and a weakness, but this pursuit should never divide us. When we let go of the physical and allow ourselves to fully surrender to the present moment, a channel is opened within our being that is connected to our individual and collective identities. Life itself gives us all the power to embrace this source, feel a sense of purpose, follow our passions, transcend the distractions, and live together in peace.



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